Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the need, make a connection, and change the trajectory through education, skills, wellness, and independence.

About Angels Nest Inc.

Angels Nest is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides supervised independent living (SIL) to young adults and mothers between the ages of 18-21 years-old who are transitioning out of foster care. Angels Nest utilizes trauma informed care services as their principal program goals focus on education, skills, and wellness, leading to overall independence. Angels Nest empowers their residents by fostering connections between community partners and organizations. Additionally, our state of the art residential apartments and single family homes are carefully situated in communities with access to universities, skill training opportunities, medical centers, and engaging social environments. 


Grand Opening Nutrition Center

April 2024

The Nutrition Center is integral to our wellness component of our program goals. We seek to address food insecurity and nutrition education.  

New Campus

February 2024

Our newly renovated campus boast eight, two bedroom apartments with access to University of Houston and Texas Southern University. 

Triple P


About The Director

In 2016, Malika Bruno volunteered in the child life department at Texas Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands. Shortly thereafter, Malika's volunteer work as a court appointed special advocate (CASA) led her to the foster care community. Malika earned a Master of Art degree in Psychology and continued her studies in trauma-informed care. In 2019, Malika advanced her work as a voice for children, youth, and young adults in foster care with the establishment of Angels Nest Inc., a nonprofit organization. Angels Nest acquired its first residence in 2022. 

Trauma Informed Care

A trauma-informed approach explores non-combative learning approaches to persons experiencing trauma while using interpersonal interactions. Within our program model, we integrate elements such as safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness, and empowerment. We use person-centered language and acknowledge that something has happened to our youth vs something is wrong. 

Enhanced Case Management (ECM)

Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP)

Individual Case Management

Counseling & Psychiatry Services

Addressing Food Insecurity and nutrition

Start Your Journey Now!

Please prepare these documents for program consideration: the applicant's Common App, SIL Application, Placement Summary, Form 2529 Referral to SIL Provider and most recent Psych Evaluation